Philadelphia Eagles Playing the Odds?

The Philadelphia Eagles gave up a vast amount to move up in the draft to select North Dakota State University QB Carson Wentz.. Yes, North Dakota State University. The QB comes from a small school, however has huge numbers. But the question is will it translate to the NFL? History says yes. Wentz joins some elite company as there have only been five quarterbacks drafted since 1979 that did not play in the FBS. Those quarterbacks?

  • Phil Simms (Morehead State)
  • Ken O’Brien (UC Davis)
  • Steve McNair (Alcorn State)
  • Joe Flacco (Delaware)
  • Carson Wentz (North Dakota State University (NDSU)

Of these four players, three of them have made it to the Super Bowl (Simms, McNair, Flacco). Two of the three listed have won Super Bowl(s). Phil Simms won 2 Super Bowls and was named MVP of one of the two. Joe Flacco has won one Super Bowl and he was also named MVP.

History suggests Carson Wentz will have success in the NFL. However, time will tell.


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